Parris C3PO "I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity." - Edgar Poe
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    Hello fellow time travelers and mythical beast. 
    The year is 2010, we are all older than we were a decade, a year, a day, an hour, a min, a sec ago. We are an impossible creatures, with impossible goals, and yet we’ve managed to accomplish more than we’ve given ourselves credit. Why, even my ability to communicate this to you is impossible. I for one can’t comprehend the science involved in using an inter-stellar net-work to create a rip in time and space to deliver these words to you 100s of miles away.

    Enough about us, you want to know about me. Well, my birth name is Parris, my internet rebirth name is cHello, you can call me whichever you desire. I am 22 years old and currently residing in Milwaukee, WI(US). I, as my Edgar Poe quote implies, am insane, as are we all. A great deal of people however enjoy my insanity when compared to their own.

    I am opinionated; I base my opinion on observation and sometimes logic. I do not assert that my opinion is correct, but that it is my opinion. Being perspective based and applying to my beliefs, I state that it is correct to me understanding.

    I’ve been told that I’m humourous, I disagree.
    I’ve been told that I’m clever, I disagree.
    I’ve been told that I’m handsome, I disagree.
    I’ve been told that I’m ugly, I disagree.
    I’ve been told that I’m smart, I disagree.
    I’ve been told that I’m dumb, I disagree.
    I’ve been told that I’m black, I disagree.
    I’ve been told that I’m disagreeable, I disagree.
    I am who I am, I can not be anything more or less than myself, even when I’m not acting in the fashion associated with what people are more accustom.

    I post and reblog things that I enjoy on tumblr and things that I sometimes think others will appreciate. I hope you enjoy my tumbl-blog, as much as I enjoy it.

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